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The new dimension of Environmental Services

We are the technostructure that public companies and bodies rely on to obtain effective solutions in the environmental, safety and territorial protection sectors.

We have a structure able to provide our clients with real-time answers and global service solutions.

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These are our services:

  • Management of ecological sites and plants
  • Environmental engineering
  • Remediation
  • Consulting
  • Waste disposal


For those who work in our sector, quality matters.

We work in the sector of industrial and environmental engineering, consulting and real services, developed in the professional sphere of the environment and safety at work.


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Management of ecological sites

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Waste stocking and disposal

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Remediation of contaminated sites

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Progest SpA

Green economy matters to us

The qualification of a company, in a category where certification is required, is necessary to demonstrate the ability of that company to work within construction, renovation and maintenance which, due to their complexity, require a diversification of activities and processes.


Our company was founded in 1988, and operates in industrial and environmental engineering, specialist consulting and real services to production companies, developed in the high-quality sphere of the environment and safety at work.


At present, we own and manage an integrated platform for the disposal of special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, with an extension of approximately 15.000 square meters. Our site can be found in the ASI Aversa Nord area, duly authorized pursuant to art. 208, Legislative Decree 152/06.

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